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Four Peaks Wilderness, Arizona


October 11th - 21st, 2022



Click the button above to read the ATA Trail Impact report for WST.001!

WST.001 took on an incredible adventure of healing, connection, service, and growth as they joined forces with the AZT VETS to conduct trail stewardship work on the Arizona National Scenic Trail.

Thank you to each and every person that supported this team during their mission!

Warrior Stewardship Team 001


This team of combat veterans experienced a connection to the land and nature that only comes from full immersion. Along the journey, the team camped on public lands in southern Idaho, central Utah, northern Arizona, and central Arizona.

Eating around the fire.

Caribou National Forest, ID

Camping in the Bannock Mtn range

Breakfast in the hills

Manti-La Sal National Forest, UT

Breakfast time in the San Pitch mtns

Northern Arizona Camping

BLM Land - Badger Canyon, AZ

Peace in the desert valley

Camping on the lake

Tonto National Forest, AZ

The camp life is the good life

Sunset over Apache Lake

Apache Lake, AZ

Sunset over the Mazatzal mtns

Rainbow in the mountains

Four Peaks Wilderness, AZ

Catching rainbows in the wild


A new mission. At the heart of Warrior Stewardship is the belief that we can simply invoke feelings of pride and accomplishment through our selfless service to the therapeutic natural landscapes that give us so much. We often seek an escape from the daily stressors of life, turning to outdoor recreation. Our use of these public lands must be matched with our willingness to protect and sustain it for future generations. WST.001 spent a few amazing days working on the Arizona National Scenic Trail, helping repair water shed and erosion damage, removing vegetation from overgrown sections of the trail, and reestablishing clear tread that promotes staying on trail.

Trail Hiking
Trail Stewardship
Trail Stewardship
Trail Stewardship
Trail Stewardship
Trail Stewardship


Without a doubt, one of the greatest achievements of any endeavor is the growth of experience, wisdom, and perspective. Over the course of the trip, the team learned so much about each other. Discussions about past struggles, current mindsets, and future goals helped each team member understand what this experience meant to one another. There were learning opportunities presented nearly every moment of the trip. We discovered new places, made new friends, and reflected on what matters most to us in life. 

Camp Dinner
Warrior Stewardship
Warrior Stewardship
Warrior Stewardship
Warrior Stewardship
Warrior Stewardship

Finding Purpose in the Four Peaks


Four Peaks Wilderness was established in 1984, and contains approximately 60,740 acres with a major mountain rising up in its center from the desert foothills. The Four Peaks themselves are visible for many miles, and are one of the most widely recognized landmarks in central Arizona. 


Elevations range from 1,900 feet near Apache Lake to 7,600 feet on Brown's Peak.

"The view from Brown’s summit is certainly one to remember. One can see about 1/4th of the state of Arizona from the top; in fact, Mt. Humphrey’s in the crevasse of Flagstaff can be seen on a clear day.

A magnitude of diverse wildlife live among the Four Peaks wilderness. It’s particularly well-known for its dense black bear population. Additionally, there have been recorded sightings of ring-tailed cats, skunks, coyotes, deer, javelinas, and mountain lions." -

USFS Four Peaks Wilderness information


When we step into the wilderness, we walk amongst the history these lands have beared witness to. It is important for our warriors to know and reflect on the protectors of the land that have come before them. We recognize their bravery, their hardships, and their dedication to the fierce protection of their families, tribe, and way of life.

Every new land we touch, we want to honor the ancestral warriors of these wild places. The areas surrounding the Four Peaks Wilderness were once the homelands of the Tonto Apache and Yavapai. We will steward lands where First Nation warriors spent time learning how to hunt, survive, and fight in the Mazatzal Mountains.


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