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Lake Koocanusa,

Kootenai National Forest



June 3rd-9th, 2023



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WST.002 will be joining forces with the Tread Lightly! team to conduct public land stewardship work in the Douglas Hill OHV area.

Kootenai National Forest

Douglas Hill OHV Area




Kootenai National Forest, Montana

The spectacular landscape of the Kootenai National Forest was shaped by continental and alpine glaciers. Valleys and their drainages were carved out and lakes were left behind.


Team 002 spent 3 days serving the stewardship needs of the Kootenai National Forest. Working along side our partner Tread Lightly! and the US Forest Service, the team constructed a new trailhead informational kiosk and constructed approximately 500' of fencing in an effort to protect a sensitive historical site located within the boundaries of the designated OHV area.

This project is unique in that the Douglas Hill OHV area is considered an open recreation area and users are not restricted to travel on designated paths only. With this in mind, the team set about to construct fencing that would not prohibit access to the historical site but rather limit it to foot traffic with hopes of reducing the impact on the area. These types of projects are necessary to keep incredible places like the Douglas Hill OHV area open and accessible.

A special thank you to onX Maps for their support of Warrior Stewardship.

This work was made possible, in part, by a grant from onX Maps through their Access + Stewardship initiative.

Two Wolf Foundation Warrior Stewardship in the Kootenai National Forest with Tread Lightly!

Read the Tread Lightly! Impact Reports by clicking the images below!

Tread Lightly! Impact Report
Tread Lightly! Impact Report


Everyone experiences growth in different ways. We recognize that the spectrum can range from something as simple as a moment of peace to brimming self-confidence. There were incredible discussions around the fire, shared laughs, moments of reflection, and recognitions of hope.