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30 Sites In 30 Days - A Reflection

What an adventure! Who knew going out to pick up trash would take me to so many incredible and beautiful places!

We totaled 39 public land sites cleaned up in 30 days, exceeding our goal.

Most of the project was shared daily on our Tango Whiskey One IG page @tangowhiskeyone


It was truly sad to see the disregard and blatant abuse of our public lands. We must do better!

Every day as I set out to explore a new area, pick up trash, and find gratitude in my day, it was sometimes overwhelming the amount of garbage discarded in the mountains, on the trails, and beside the creeks. Campsite after campsite, I would discover the true extent of our poor treatment of the wilderness.

The 'Warrior Stewardship' Effect

As I progressed through the 30 days, I experienced incredibly positive effects.

In my own personal journey of posttraumatic growth, my biggest daily battle is usually with feelings of depression and a crippling thought that I lack purpose. By challenging myself with this stewardship project, I was filled with energy, passion, determination, and motivation. I would find myself immersed in mapping apps, forestry guides, and other resources...learning. Taking the necessary time to prepare and plan for the following days activities. I was being the person I wanted to be.

My soul is adventurous, I have always chased opportunities to be different. My mind is constantly building up dreams of exploration, excitement, and impact. That is probably how I ended up as an Army Green Beret. But in the years after leaving active duty, the adventure dwindled. I struggled to find the motivation to pursue new experiences, and that is how I ended up at Warrior PATHH. Through the training, through the work...I began to transform doubt into confidence. The confidence to say 'YES". The confidence to consider new possibilities. And then I stumbled onto land stewardship. The idea that I could serve in a new way and be in the places that I wanted to be --- the mountains, the forests, the wild.

The 30 days of picking up nasty garbage out of the woods left me feeling like a million bucks. There was satisfaction of accomplishment, there was honor in the service, there was connection to the land.

Check out the entire 30 days worth of adventure on IG


The List of Sites We Cleaned Up!

🌲Bitterroot National Forest🌲

🌲Lolo National Forest🌲

🌲Salmon-Challis National Forest🌲

🌲Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest🌲

🌲Idaho Panhandle National Forest🌲

🌲Flathead National Forest🌲

🌲Swan River State Forest🌲

🌲Swan River National Wildlife Refuge🌲

📍Centennial Grove Trailhead Day Use Area

📍Black Bear Campground

📍Skalkaho Dispersed Camp Area

📍Skalkaho Rye Road FDR 75 - 12.5 Miles

📍Sawdust Gulch Trailhead

📍Lake Como FDR 5621 - 10.9 Miles

📍Lick Creek Dispersed Camp Sites

📍Lost Horse Creek Dispersed Camp Area

📍Lost Horse Observation Point Trail - FDR 496 - 16 Miles

📍Camas Creek Trailhead

📍Coyote Coulee Trailhead

📍Sawtooth Trailhead

📍Roaring Lion Trailhead

📍Kiwanis Park

📍Skalkaho Bend Park

📍Blodgett Canyon Campground

📍Blodgett Canyon Overlook Trailhead

📍Blodgett Creek Trailhead

📍Skalkaho-St. Clair 714 Trailhead

📍Willow Creek Trailhead

📍FDR 969 - 11 Miles

📍FDR 364 - 9 Miles

📍Willow Mountain Trail FDR 1302 - 21 Miles

📍McCormick Park

📍FDR 37 - 23 Miles

📍East Fork Lolo Creek FDR 461 - 10.9 Miles

📍Sally Basin

📍Lost Trail Pass Snowpark Trailhead

📍Continental Divide Trailhead - Chief Joseph Pass

📍Big Hole River - Fishtrap Creek Access Site

📍Continental Divide Trail / Highland Road - 6.4 Miles

📍Dry Gulch Trailhead

📍Fernan Saddle

📍Swan River State Forest Campsites

📍South Lost Creek Trail - FDR 680

📍Flathead NF FDR 5206

📍Swan River NWR / Flathead NF FDR 9714 - 17 Miles

📍Mission Divide Trail - 19 Miles

📍Aurora Basin Trail - 21 Miles

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