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The 6 Ranch Podcast with James Nash

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking with James Nash, an incredible human, rancher, outfitter, conservationist, Sig Sauer hunting ambassador, and retired USMC Captain.

James runs the 6 Ranch Podcast, an awesome venue offering discussion on a wide range of educational and entertaining topics. The show is described as "Stories from folks with calloused hands" which is definitely our kind of people!

James Nash on IG: @6ranchoutfitters
6 Ranch on the web: 6RANCH.COM

James and I discuss some of my military career, my thoughts on mountaineering skills applicable to the hunting community, and the founding of Two Wolf Foundation.

It was my first time ever being a guest on a podcast and James did a fantastic job guiding the conversation. I enjoyed being able to share just a little bit of what Two Wolf Foundation means to me and how we intend to make a positive difference in the lives of our fellow combat veterans and first responders.

LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE: Episode 107, Season 2, 6 Ranch Podcast

To learn more about James, check out the links below:

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